Sunday, 15 May 2016

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Beautiful Love Quotes, Messages

Express your Feelings to whom you love the most with these "Beautiful Love Quotes"  and fill them with Love and affection. When you have a problem with your love and If you can't express your feelings towards your loved one then use these "Best Beautiful Love Quotes". Love exists in between people in a family, friends, Crush etc., So here you can find the Best Love Quotes, Love Messages, SMS to sent to your Loved Ones to make them feel happy with your love.

Beautiful Funny Love Quotes:

"Zindagii ki har ak udaan baki hain...
har mod par aak intaha bakii hain....
abhi toh sirf aap hein pareshaan hain mujhse...
abhi toh pura hindustan baki hain....."

"Dil ki baath Dil mein math rakhna..
jo pasandh ho usse I LOVE YOU kehna ,
agar vo gusse se ajeye toh darna mat...
Rakhi nikalna aur kehna pyarii behna miltii rahna...."

"Ishq ne hamein benaam kardiya,
har khushi se hamein anjaan kardiya,
hamne toh kabhi na chaha ki
hame bhi mohabbat ho , 
lekin aap ke ek nazar ne hamein 
NEELAM kardiya..."

"Vo din din nahi ..vo raat raat nahi....
vo pal pal nahii...jis pal aapki baat nahi..
aapki yaadon se maut hame alag kar sake,
maut ko bhi itni bhi aukat nahi...."

Beautiful Quotes On Love:

"Kyun kisi se itna pyaar hojata hain..
aak  pal ka intazaar bhi dushwaar hojatha hain...
lagne lakthe hain apne bhi pyare..
aur aak ajnabi par ayetbar hojata hain..."

"Ye ladkiyoon ke baal..
hain ladko ko phasane ke jaal...
chus lete hain khun jism ka sara...
isliye toh hote hain inke honth lal...."

"Subah hoti nahii shaam dhalti nahiii...
najane kya khubhi hain aapmein ke ...
aapko yaad kiye bina khushi milti nahi......"

"DIl ka dard dil todne vale kya jane ,
pyaar ke riwazoo ko zamne kyun jane..
hotii kitni takleef ladki patane mein...
ye ghar pe baitha ladkii ka baap kya jane....."

"Bahut khoobsurat hain ankhe tumharii...
inhe banadoo kismat hamari...
hamein nahi chahiye zamane kii khushiyann...
agar miljaye mohabbat tumharii...."

"Kasoor ham kiya karthe hain ,
ilzaam ham sharaab ko diya karte hain......
kasoor sharaab ka nahii unka hain,
 jinka chehra ham talash kiya karte hain...."

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

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Best Love Quotes Ideas

In LOVE everyone want to express their FEELINGS through various ACTIONS in this process they get many ideas to EXPRESS it but they FAIL sometimes but the INTENTION what they really want to carry for their LOVED ones will be SUCCESSFUL here we can see the LOVE QUOTES IDEAS and to EXPRESS their LOVE with these ideas for LOVE may be express a lot more than actions sometimes so LOVE STATUS IDEAS help you in the LOVE MANIA where you are actually HAPPY so by using this LOVE QUOTES IDEAS help you to express some more than before  and these LOVE STATUS IDEAS for your loved ones so check them once...

Best Love Quotes Ideas:

"You must have conflict in your story  even fairy tales and cartoons have them so why don't you try"
"LIVE every moment, LAUGH everyday, LOVE beyond words"
Love Quotes Ideas

"I love you, U annoy ME more than I thought possible for you but finally u succeed"
"Love the person who see you even when you were INVISIBLE because they don't want you to let them disappear one second"
" I didn't plan it but you are the best thing that ever happened to me it's your fault, not mine"
"and in the end, we were all just humans drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness"

Awesome Love Quotes: 

Love Quotes Ideas

"every sixty seconds you spend an upset is a minute of happiness that you can't get back"
"I don't want a relationship that is serious all the time I want someone I can laugh and be silly with"
"Its the rule of life that everything you have always wanted comes the very second you stop looking for it"
"LOVE that we cannot have is the one that last the longest, Hurts the deepest and feels the strongest"

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

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New Short Angry Love Quotes, messages

In LOVE, whatever happens, its just LOVE, nothing is serious in this UNEXPLAINABLE relation everything will be a MEMORY that filled with LOVE only if any FIGHTS in the relation also a MEMORY that NEVER ever FADE away the ANGER that you showed on your LOVED ones is a LITTLE bit SAD but after very few minutes there is no such FEELING that carry towards your LOVED ones here the ANGRY LOVE QUOTES makes you REALIZE only when you showed ANGER on them ANGRY LOVE QUOTES create IMPACT even when you are unable to SHOW it towards her these ANGRY LOVE QUOTES helps you to carry the FEELINGS towards them so check these ANGRY LOVE QUOTES......

Best Angry Love Quotes:

"A women can hide her love  for 40 years but  her disgust and anger not for one day also"
"No matter how angry you get, you always end up forgiving the people you love"
"The worst part is that you don't even know I am angry "
"A Person who has lots of anger inside definitely loves people more than anyone else can you can check also "

"If Red color indicates anger then it also indicates love too"
"I have been acting like I am Okay but I am not you have to know by just seeing my eyes that are love"
"People who are angry with each other for the silly little things usually are the ones who care about each other the most"
" I keep myself busy with things to do but every time I pause I still think of you that's what define my love on you"

"Anger is a feeling where mouth works faster more than your mind"
"Nobody makes you angry you decide to use anger as a response"

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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{Daily Updated}- Best Latest Love Quotes

Maybe all the things in the WORLD  have some BARRIERS except the thing which made the people go CRAZY about it that is LOVE it has no barriers it can be EXPRESSED in any of the ways but expressing is IMPORTANT now a days most of them uses the LOVE QUOTES to express to their LOVED ones by this LOVE QUOTES in this QUOTES that which have great IMPACT on your LOVED ones they are selecting those QUOTES picking up the BEST LOVE QUOTES by those BEST LOVE QUOTES they can carry the exact FEELING to their loved ones already we know that no barrier they are even excited to check the LOVE QUOTES IN HINDI too and LOVE QUOTES IN ENGLISH is as usual common to search these LOVE QUOTES IN HINDI and LOVE QUOTES IN ENGLISH makes no difference they always see the content and what was the FEELING they create is important,finally, everyone is very much fond of impact what they create on their loved ones so check here the LOVE QUOTES FOR YOUR LOVED ONES......

Best Latest Love Quotes:

"When I saw you I fell in Love with you and you smiled because you knew"
"you are my only one for me who make me feel I am happy this moment and the reason is YOU"
love Quotes

"Pyar Wo Nahi Jis Mein Jeet Aur Haar Ho,.Pyar Wo Nahi Jis Me Izhaar Aur Inkar Ho,.Asli Pyar To Wo Hai Jis Me kisi ke Milne Ki Ummidbhi Na Ho Fir Bhi Intzar Ho..."
"Tum mano Na Mano hm yaad karenge tum sMJho na sMJho huM aitbaR krege kya kre ya Rishta hi kuch esa he tum Msg kR0 ya Na kR0 hM intezaR kaRen"
best love Quotes

"I am in love with you and I am not in the business of denying myself to the simple pleasure of saying true feelings"
"yo meri kismat meri thakidar ho gayi humne unki yaad me ethna katha likhe ki yeha rahi bechakara hi ameera ho nayi"
"dil ki gulab me kithab me gulab unka tha raath ki neenda me vo kwab unka tha hai kithna pyar hum se jab me umne peecha liya mar jayenge bin tere ye jawab unka tha"
love Quotes

"FOREVER is a long time but I don't mind when I am spending it with you Its simply a precious one for me"
 "Every moment I spent with you is the beautiful dream come true and that to its still continue with you "
"True love means that you care about someone's else happiness than your own remember don't miss your happiness in this process"

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Sunday, 28 February 2016

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Best New True Love Quotes & Sayings

TRUTH is the only one ingredient where you can get the REAL relation from your LOVED ones so make sure when you are in RELATION be TRUTH FULL to your loved ones make her FEEL secure then only she can BELIEVE you, whatever happen, its ur LIFE so check the TRUE LOVE QUOTES where the QUOTES meet the TRUTH with it.The TRUE LOVE QUOTES we are giving you is the best ever FEELING reside in it then you can easily deliver the LOVE to your LOVED ones here we are giving you the TRUE LOVE QUOTES check them once.....

Best True Love Quotes & Sayings:

"Good relations don't ever happen with time, attitude, patience or anything else its only because of the only thing that is love"
"If you love someone more then anything then nothing matters what will happen it sees only for you just for you"

"No matter how many times I tell myself that  Iam better off with you without you Iam nothing but its not true without you Iam empty"
"When I tell you that I love you  I dont say it out of habbit I say to you remind that you are the best thing that ever happend to me"
"Most of the people love you for who you want to pretend to be to keep their love to keep the like you want to pretending"
"True love knows nothing of time, gender, race, language it's just a shit to make the reason but its nothing when comes to the true love"

"when the time is right miracles happen just like true love and magic is made you are the true love"
"when you meet another half of your soul you will understand why other let it go away it won't happen in the true love"
"There is a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything but it's not giving up"
"True love is a process of co-creation  in which neither feels ownership or superiority and jealousy is a highly destructive force of love and relationships"

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

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Short Sayings about Love for Whatsapp

LOVE always be like SHORT and SWEET, Whenever it expressed in small SAYINGS it creates somewhat IMPACT when compared to the ACTIONS to be done which are meaningless so here we are giving the SHORT LOVE SAYINGS FOR WHATSAPP, nowadays everyone is using WHATSAPP for expressing their FEELINGS about LOVE and SAYINGS ABOUT LOVE FOR WHATSAPP is off now more and more is available. so here we are trying somewhat difference to be SHOW in expressing the SHORT LOVE SAYINGS FOR WHATSAPP, The SAYING  for LOVE is to create an impact that to makes it sense by this short love sayings for WhatsApp have a look at these...

Short Love Sayings about Love for Whatsapp:

"Some day they pray to get us,
And another day they regret to love us..."

Sayings about Love

"Time changes... Views change... People change...
It hurts, but it happens"

"Time" And "Smile" Are Two Critical
Things In Life
Sometimes Time Makes You Forget
How To Smile N Sometimes Someone's
Smile Makes Us Forget Time"

Sayings about Love

"A Little Ignorance Can Hurt A Lot..!!
It Can Give A Life Time Experience.
So, Always Love your Relations From
your Heart Not
from your Mood."

"You've left my life, but you left your shadow behind and you left me in the middle of the love journey "

Sayings about Love

"You've left my heart, but you left your luggage behind!
You walked away... Why didn't you leave my heart behind?"

Love Sayings in One Line for Facebook & Whatsapp:

"Love is not a joke, 
 Love is not a game.
 Once you fall in love,
 You will never be the same.."

"Love is never-ending, Love is never wrong
Love can make you weak, Love can
make you strong. simply LOVE is a drug"

Sayings about Love

"Everything is not Love, but Love
covers everything it includes your pain also"

"The Only Thing They can Be after breakup from their relation then they Are the
Most Familiar Strangers..."

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